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Housing requirements

Requirements necessary to obtain your Housing Suitabilty Certificate.


The certificate of suitability of housing is an essential document in order to obtain various official papers in Italy, such as the resident permit, the residence contract and for family reunification.


To issue the housing suitability certificate, the italian regulations establishes the main hygienic and sanitary requirements of the living spaces and also specifies the mininum area of the housing related to the number of the expected occupants.


The minimum area required for each inhabitant is 14 square meters up to 4 inhabitants, and 10 square meters fo each subsequent  inhabitant (eg. 6 people, min. 76 square meters required).

The bedrooms must be at least 9 square meters for one person, and at least 14 square meters for two people.

The living room must have a minimun area of 14 square meters.

There must be windows than can be opened in each room.


In case of single-room housing (studio apartment), the minimum area, including toilet, must not be less than 28 square meters for one person and 38 square meters for two people.


The minimum ceiling height must be 2.70 meters. For corridors, hallway, bathrooms, toilet and closets, the minimum height can be decrease up to 2.40 meters.


Furthermore, italian regulations requires that housing must be equipped with adequate heating and lighting systems, adequate air exchange in order to guarantee the correct suction of fumes, vapors and exhalations from kitchens and toilets.


Lastly, every bathroom must be equipped with a toilet, a bidet, a sink and a bathtub or a shower.


The idoneita-alloggiativa.it team is able to issue all the documents to obtain the certificate of suitability of housing in just 24 hours from the moment of contact!